Topic: General Reflections on the Discipline of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Topic: General Reflections on the Discipline of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Host:  Minkang Zhou, Vice President of European Association of Chinese Teaching, Professor of Autonomous University of Barcelona

Speaker:  Professor Yonghua Cui graduated from Beijing University with a MA in Chinese in 1981 and has been working in Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) ever since, engaged in teaching, research and publishing business in the area of Chinese as a second language. He also taught Chinese in Oberlin College and Middlebury College in USA, University of Göttingen in Germany, and University of Sheffield in the UK.
Professor Cui’s research covers theories in language teaching, Chinese grammar, and information processing in Chinese. His main works include Classroom Techniques in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (co-authored) and An Instructional Design in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. He has also published dozens of academic articles in this area, and compiled and participated in the development of a number of major L2 Chinese textbooks.   
A few major research projects Professor Cui chaired or took part in include “A Study of Chinese Interlanguage System in Overseas Students”, “A Study of Immersion Chinese Teaching in American Primary Schools”, Chinese Character Component Standard of GB13000.1 Character Set for Information Processing, and Specification of Common Modern Chinese Character Components and Component Names.

Topic: General Reflections on the Discipline of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Date: Nov. 3

Time: 8 pm (Beijing Time); 12 pm (London Time); 7 am (New York Time)

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