NEW!! Drafts for the 21st Chinese Teaching Seminar of the Chinese Teaching Association in the German-speaking Region

The German-speaking Chinese Teaching Association will hold its 21st Chinese Teaching Seminar from September 5 to 7, 2019 at the Technical Language Sat of Munich, which is now soliciting conference papers for scholars in the fields of Chinese as a second language teaching, cross-cultural communication, German-Chinese translation, etc.

Conference Theme: Building a Bridge of Communication: Intermediary Language Activities and Cross-Cultural Communication in Teaching and Research

Please click here to download the meeting draft:

Call for Papers 2019-ZH

Call for Papers 2019-EN 21st Biennial Conference of the Chinese Language Teachers' Association of Germany, Austria and Germany Switzerland

Call for Papers 2019-DE Call for Papers Wir freen uns auf zahlreiche Pr?sentationen und Workshops zu den Themen Chines isch-Unterricht, interkulturelle Kommunikation sowie? die: 21. Tagung des Fachverbands Chinesisch e. V. (FaCh)

Related topics: The paper draft sits at this seminar covers the following areas:
1. Teaching and Research on The Translation of Dehankou
2. Culture and Cross-Cultural Teaching
3. Study on Chinese as a Foreign Language Syllabus
4. Chinese teaching material sedation and analysis of teaching materials
5. Teaching Design and Teaching Methods
6. Study of Chinese Linguistics
7. Study on second language acquisition
8. Chinese teacher training and teacher development
9. Special purpose Chinese language teaching
10. International Chinese Teaching for Primary and Secondary Schools
11. International Chinese Teaching for Chinese
12. Chinese teaching and teaching resources development in the multimedia era
13. Study on Chinese Language Testing

How to submit a summary of the paper: Please submit the abstract to:

The abstract is limited to 350 words (or 600 Chinese characters) and does not contain references.The terms of the seminar are German, Chinese and English.The abstract should be in the same language as the general assembly's report, with a 20-minute speaking time and an exchange of 5 minutes.If the report is in the form of a small workshop (Workshop), the total duration is 75 minutes.

Authors are not required to submit the full text of the paper.After the meeting, all reporting persons may submit a report-based academic paper to the Association's annual issue, Spring-Chinese Teaching, and their adoption will be determined by a special review process.
Draft deadline: January 30, 2019
Admission Notice Issued: By April 15, 2019
For additional information visit the seminar website:

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