About OHAN Society

The purpose of the European Association for Chinese Teaching ("O-Han") is to promote the development of Chinese language and culture teaching and research in Europe, and to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese language teaching community in Europe and other countries in order to enhance the links between Chinese teaching and researchers, mutual understanding and friendly cooperation. Contribute to the building of a multilingual and multicultural Europe and an inclusive and peaceful world.

The European Association for Chinese Language Teaching was incorporated in France in 2015.More than 100 chinese language teaching representatives from France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Hungary, Finland and other countries attended the founding conference of the Association.The General Assembly adopted the Constitution of the European Association for Chinese Language Teaching, convened the first Council of the European Association for Chinese Language Teaching, and elected an executive council of seven executive directors from the countries of The North and West.

The first Executive Council elected Professor Joel BELLASSEN of France as President of the European Association for Chinese Language Teaching, Mr. George ZHANG, Mr. Henning KLOTER of Germany and Imre, Hungary Mr. HAMAR) is the Vice-President, Professor Minkang ZHOU of Spain is the Secretary-General, Ms. Xuefei CAO of the Netherlands is The Under-Secretary-General, and Ms. Peiwen WANG of France is the Treasurer.

The Executive Council of the European Association for Chinese Language Teaching discussed the establishment of the Association's short- and medium-term goals.Recent goals include writing a research-based White Paper on Chinese Teaching in Europe and organizing european-wide training and training of Chinese teachers. The medium- and long-term objectives include promoting the completion of the European Standard seweendia for Chinese language proficiency, promoting the study and exchange of Chinese language teaching in Europe, and setting up an academic publication on Chinese language teaching in due course.

The first task is to promote the training of local teachers throughout Europe, and at the same time to comprehensively investigate the current situation of Chinese teaching throughout Europe, to understand the teaching institutions and distribution of major primary and secondary schools in Chinese all over Europe, to establish a database of local Chinese teaching experts in Europe, And the collected data to conduct a comprehensive analysis and research and put forward the corresponding development and improvement strategies and measures, the formation and publication of the European White Paper on Chinese Language Teaching, for the sustainable development of Chinese teaching in the Eu institutions to provide a scientific basis.

To that end, the Standing Council agreed to seek cooperation with Hanban and the relevant agencies and organizations.At present, the research activities have been started.The development and completion of these two projects will be of great significance to the further development and long-term planning of Chinese teaching in Europe, and to promote exchanges and resource sharing among colleagues in European countries.