2018 International Conference on Cross-Cultural Communication of Chinese in Europe 2nd Call for Papers International Conference on Chinese Cross-Cultural In Europe 2 018

Notice 2 of the 2018 International Conference on Cross-Cultural Communication of Chinese in Europe

2nd Call for Papers International Conference on Chinese Cross-Cultural Communication Europe 2018

The International Conference on Cross-Cultural Communication of Chinese in Europe 2018, jointly organized by the Confucius Institute in Bergen, Norway, the University of Applied Sciences of West Norway and the Norwegian Chinese Law Centre at the University of Bergen, Norway, is scheduled to be held in Bergen, Norway, on December 8, 2018.

International Conference on Chinese Cross-cultural Communication in Europe 2018" is co-sponsored by Confucius Institute in Bergen, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and Norwegian China Law Center of State of Bergen, and it will will be held in Bergen Norway on 8th, 9th December, 2018. Registration on 7th December.

The conference invited the following scholars to make keynote speeches to the conference (the chinese name is in the order of the last name pinyin):

The schorlars will be invited to hold keynotees speech for the conference, the English names are arranged alphab eticall:

Halvor Eifring (Uiniversity of Oslo, Norway)

Enron (South China University of Technology, China) An Ran (South China University of Technology, China)

The Chinese General Inspector of The French National Education; Paris Oriental Language and Culture Institute, France)

Wan Xinzheng (Uppsala University, Sweden) (Uppsala University, Sweden)

At the suggestion of the general participants, the cut-off date for submission of abstracts in Chinese and English papers has been extended to 1 October, and teachers/students who do not submit abstracts may also pay a conference fee of 500 Norwegian kroner (students 200 Norwegian kroner).Early Bird Program (registered and paid by October 25, 2018): 250 Norwegian kroner for participating teachers and 100 Norwegian kroner for participating students.

The theest of abstract will be beed to 1st October. The teachers or students who don't submit abstract can also also attend the conference by paying the conference fee: Early Bird (until 25th Of October 2018): Regular Teacher/scholars 250 NOK 500 NOK, Students 100 NOK 200 NOK

The meeting fee includes meeting materials and the December 8and,9, 2018 meeting lunch, tea break, and other expenses.This meeting adopts the method of network payment, the network payment method is as follows:

  • Payee Name Confucius Institute in Bergen
  • Account Number 3624 2451 214
  • The full name of the receiving bank, Sparebanken Vest
  • IBAN No04 3624 2451 214
  • Silver Bank location Jonsvolsgaten2, 5011 Bergen, Norway

The register fee fee covers meeting materials, lunches and coffee breaks on 8th and 9th December 2018. Please pay the sing fee online. Here is the information of the bank account that you do pay to:

  • Receiver's Name Confucius Institute in Bergen
  • Account number 3624 2451 214
  • Full name of the bank Sparebanken Vest
  • IBAN number No04 3624 2451 214
  • Address of the bank Jonsvollsgaten2, 5011 Bergen, Norway

In order to facilitate the work of the meeting group, please be sure that interested teachers/students will send the attachment's receipt to the meeting-specific mailbox by October 1, 2018: cibforum2018-gmail.com, the topic of the mailbox: Conference application.

The application form in this email must be filled in and submitted to cibforum2018@gmail.com, please write the su bject of the email as: Conference Application.

Check-in address Address of Registration: H?konsgaten 5, Bergen, Norway (entrance is teatergaten34)

Conference Address Address of the Conference: Magnus Lagab?tesss 1, 5010 Bergen, Norway

The meeting group does not provide accommodation reservations, and the appendix provides participants with hotel information, transportation information, tourist information, food information, shopping information, dress information, etc. around the venue for reference by participants in need.

We will not book hotel for you, but we applied for discount for all the participants if you book Scandic City Hotel and is the nearest one to the conference. Please read the information in the appendix and book it by yourself. There is some some some information of the hotel, the nature, the travelling, the restaurants, the shopping etc. in the appendix. Please read if you need.

Appendix Appendix Appendix:

I. Hotel Information Information of the venue:

Reservations can be made through booking, airbnb, hostel, etc.This meeting also has a cooperation agreement with Scandic Bergen City, which is closest to the venue, offering discounts to attendees.Discounted single rooms are NOK 912 and double rooms are NOK 1112, please use the discount code: UIB071218

  • Hotel Name: Scandic Bergen City
  • Hotel Address: H?konsgaten 2-7, NO-5015, Bergen, Norway
  • Reservations Phone: s47 5533 3300
  • Scandic Bergen City
  • Address: H?konsgaten 2-7, NO-5015, Bergen, Norway
  • Price after discount: Single room: kr 912 Double room: kr 1112
  • Tel : s47 5533 3300
  • Note: The code for getting discount when you are booking is UIB071218 This Hotel is the nearest hotel to the meeting, a nd we got discount for our guests. We recommend you to choose this hotel. But you may book on booking, airbnb, hostel or other other websites as well, it's s s ee it you find find better price E.

2. Bergen Traffic Information Transportation in Bergen

There are three modes of transport ation from Bergen Airport to the venue:

  1. Light rail

Light rail is the cheapest mode of transport, but takes a long time, about 44 minutes.Take the light rail to the terminal, Byparken, and walk about 700 meters to the venue.The light rail fare is 37 kronor/sheet, and you can choose to download the Skys billet app and buy a ticket on it, which is more convenient, or you can buy it on the ticketmachine on the platform.

Note: Tickets cannot be purchased on light rail.If you choose to buy a ticket on Skys billet be sure to arrive at Bergen and then buy it, because the ticket bought on Skys billet is only 90 minutes valid from the time you buy it.

Byban is the cheapest way but it will take take take time, around 44 minutes, from the airport to byparken where is the last stop of byban. It will cost 37kr for one ticket. You can download an
App "Skyss billet" to buy byban ticket on it, it will will will more convenient. You can not buy ticket on byban.
Note: If you buy ticket by "Skyss billet" then please buy it after you you at At Bergen. Because the ticket will be valid with 90 minutes after you pay for the ticket on the app.

2) Airport Bus

The airport bus takes a short time and takes about 25 minutes from the airport to the nearest bus stop at the venue, Festplassen, but the fare is high, with a one-way ticket of 115 kronor per ticket and a round-trip ticket of 195 kronor if purchased online.If it is more expensive to buy a ticket on a bus, we recommend that you purchase your ticket in advance at https://www.flybussen.no/billett/?reise/fra/bergen-flyplas/bgo/cart

The bus will take shorter time, around 25 mins, from the airport to Festplassen, Festplassen is the nearest bus stop to C IB/Scandic Bergen City Hotel. But the ticket is more sly:
You may buy ticket online: https://www.flybussen.no/billett/#/reise/fra/bergen-flyplass/bgo/cart It will cost 115kr for o ne way ticket, and 195kr for return tickets. If you buy ticket on the bus it will will be more more more super. So if you you choose bus then we suggest you buy ticket online in advance.

3) Rent Taxi

Taxis in Norway are more expensive, with around 700 kronor from the airport to the venue/city centre hotel.If you need a taxi, please book in advance, reservation number: 07000 / (-47) 55997000

It is quite quite cost to take a taxi from the airport to the center, it will cost around 700kr. If you need a taxi you may call: 07000/ (-47) 55997000

Third, Bergen Travel Information Travel information:

1) Bergen Hiking Tour Hiking In Bergen

Mount Fl?yen and Mount Ulriken: The Fl?ibanen fun is one of Norway's most attractions and the only one of its Kind in Scandinavia. The trip starts from the city centre, just 150 metres from the fish market and Bryggen and takes you to the top of The Mount F L'yen in just 8 minutes. The Carble Car Ulriken 643 takes you to the highest of Bergen's "Seven

Mountains". The tour takes you to spectacular scenery and mountain terrain 643 metres above the city streets. Beside the viewing platform, there is a panoramic restaurant that "fish in the mountains" and other local local specialit ies. The cable car is open every day from 9am – 5pm. (certain lys due to maintanance in December/January, please check Ulriken643.no pre to visiting). You can also make the trip trip the two mountains. Take the cable car up to Mount Ulriken, ski to Mount Fl?yen, enjoy a hot chocolate at Fl?ien Folkerestaurant and take the the Funlyse down to the city centre. Depending on your fitness the trip will will take anally 5 hours.


2) Norway's Miniature Fjord Tour Fjord Trip in Norway

Winter is great time to take a fjord cruise from Bergen to idyllic Mostraumen, through Osterenfjord, steep with mountain s and beautiful waterfalls. The trip take 3 hours and starts at Zachariasbyggen, right next to the fish market. If you want to take a longer trip, Norway's most most round round trip, Norway in a Nutshell, is recommended. The combination of the UNESCO-protected N'r yfjord, The Bergen Railway and the world Fl?m Railway this a uniq ue experience. The trip trip 9 hours, and starts at Bergen Railway Station. Check out all fjord cruises available in winter season.


3) Norway, a ski enthusiast's paradise Skiing in Norway

Within a short distance from you can experience skiing at its best. The unique fjord landscape creates a topography who is where with combination with combination with the family with the heavy heavy make make the network of ski slopes v Aried and exciting. If you prefer skiing yn winter yn ysyseys a yse. The big ski siars in the region are the one sat at Voss, where you you can choose between Voss

Resorts and Myrkdalen – Voss Fjellandsby. There are slopes to fit every taste – from advanced off-piste to more secure home-friendly trails, as well as as as country withside many varied cross-country trails. Only 45 minutes drive from Bergen you can Visit Eikedalen Skisenter with with the alpine alpine runs and the borders of cross-coun try trails.


By car: E16 – Approx. 1h 20min.

By train: Approx. 1h 10 min.

By bus: Approx. 1h 45 min.


By car: RV7 – Approx. 45 min.

By bus: Approx. 1h.


4) Northern Lights Dream Tour Northern Lights Trip

December is the best time to see the aurora in Norway, and here are links to find information about the Aurora Journey:

December is great time for the northern seeing northern lights. Here are some links about northern lights trip:




5) Music Tour Music Trip

A wide range of concert s: Bergen is a city of culture, and hassomething for everyone. A number of concert scenes, from the medieval stone hall H?konshallen to modern Ole Bull Scene, hosts both both Norwegian and i nternational artists. From August Till June, Philharmonic Orchestra Has s in the concert hall Grieghallen every week. The 100 musicians are led by conductor Edward Gardner, and have guest appearances by international conductors and solo art The ists.

Four, Bergen Shopping Guide Shopping in Bergen

Bergen city has everything from well-well-well-well-car brand stores to small niche shops. These Among is the gold and silverware factory Arven. The workshop is open for visitors to see the making of the general cutlery patterns, interior beautiful items and jeweller Y.

Another one is Oleana, one of the youngest textile factories in Norway, producing knitwear of award-winning Norwegian desi Gn. The textile factory is located in Ytre Arna, just of of Bergen, and is the only one of its kind-by-both knits and s ows ss all in its own factory in Norway. The factory is open for visitors, and knitwear is sold in the factory outlet. Oleana also has has a brand store at Strandkaien in Bergen.

Bergen Attractions

Don't miss out on bergen: Other activities in Bergen

In Bergen there is always s something to do for the family. Experience the penguin feeding, the sea lion show and the seal training every day at Bergen Aquarium (Akvariet), and see t He tropical exhibition with the endangered Philippine crocodiles. At VilVite Bergen Science Centre you can try to bike 360 degrees, make the robot Robert talk, and explore over 100 other i Nteractive sylwedd and experiments. Head to Vannkanten aquapark with Norway's longest waterslide, and indoors and outdoors swimming pools.

Or to the playground at Mount Fl?yen swing swings, slides and various climbing stands. The theroads and paths down from Mount Fl?yen are floodlit in the evenings and are perfect for sledging in the winter. The Fl'ibanen fun lys "sledging passes" who are valid from early morning late in the evening. You can buy a sledge in toy shops and sports shops. For cross country skiing the lighted trails are open open until 22.00.

Six, Bergen dress guide What to wear Bergen in winter

To get the best best experience when ing Bergen in winter it is wise to bring bring clothing. Click here to read our tips on what to wear Bergen in winter.

Bergen Food Information: Restaurants in Bergen


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