The first "Belt and Road, Then Read China" Project Launched in Beijing

Recently, the first "Belt and Road, Re-Reading China" project, jointly sponsored by the Overseas Association of Alumni of Chinese Universities and Beijing Language University, was launched in Beijing.The project aims to "develop folk diplomacy, promote cultural exchanges and tell good Chinese stories" and feature "build high-end platforms, experience development achievements, taste elegant art", and is intended to deepen the exchange and cooperation of talents between countries along the Belt and Road, and to work together to build the "Intellectual Silk Road".

Cui Xiliang, president of Beijing Language and Culture University, said that the smooth development of the "Belt and Road Re-Reading China" project conforms to the development needs of the country's "Belt and Road" strategy and is of great significance for promoting cultural exchanges among people.

Secretary-General Li Peisong of the Overseas Association of Chinese University Alumni said in his speech that the project can give full play to the power of alumni and promote the efforts of alumni at home and abroad in the areas of prosperity of academia, cultural heritage, and promotion of economic and social development between countries and countries.

It is understood that the overseas alumni participating in the event, in addition to the diplomatic field, most of them work in overseas language research centers and Confucius Institutes, chinese language and Chinese culture in the world are important promoters.

OHAN Secretariat

December 30, 2016

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