A brief on the teaching of Chinese in Spain

A brief on the teaching of Chinese in Spain

Although the number of people learning Chinese in Spain has been increasing rapidly in recent years, the history of Spanish Chinese teaching is not very long.According to our survey and interviews with Spanish teachers, it was only the University of Barcelona that started teaching Chinese in the 1980s.Although there has been a great deal of development, it is not comparable to some other countries, such as Germany and France.But now in some big cities in Spain, schools to learn Chinese can already be found.But some of the Spanish students who studied Chinese gave up after a year or two.It's not that they don't want to learn, but that Chinese and Spanish are too different.They found that after a year of study, their level was still low and they spoke very little Chinese.Even if you have the opportunity to chat with Chinese, it is rare to succeed.When you encounter Chinese characters, a lot of people don't understand, can't write and so on.All these situations make them feel that Chinese is really too difficult.In response to this situation, many experienced Chinese teachers or Chinese experts in Spain believe that this is not just a student problem, they believe that there are six reasons for these problems:

1, the difference in language.

Spanish is the alphabetic text.And Chinese use Chinese characters, there are tone, etc.The two languages are derived from two different systems.

2, the different methods of education.

Many Chinese teachers in Spain often feel that students are not hard-working or smart.In fact, this is because the two countries have different methods of education.China's traditional education focuses on students to memorize text, new words and grammar, "memory" as the main method of learning, but in Europe and the United States, from kindergarten to train children to learn independently, interpret and reason, this way can enable students to think actively, stimulate students to actively learn the interest, cultivate students' ability to self-study.So the east and west of the way of education sometimes appear contradictory.Teachers from China think that it is a very common task for students to carry 30 words, but European and American students are often reluctant to recite, because most students will feel that memorizing is very boring, and if they can not understand these new words, just remember is not too meaningful, so the final learning effect will not necessarily be good.I think it would be good to combine these two educational approaches: on the one hand, teachers can use games, competitions, or teaching topics related to daily life in the classroom to stimulate students to want to remember new words and flexible use of psychology, and encourage students to use these memories of the vocabulary in the classroom to practice. The teacher's task is to make students understand that learning Chinese is not a difficult thing, but a very happy thing.You can find fun in the process of learning Chinese.But need to do their best, and have perseverance, adhere to learning.

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