Li-Mun University's Speech Management and Teaching Program

One-word Education, Education and Management (Ma in Language Education Leadership and Management)

The Education and Management of The Teacher is a new process for people who understand both teaching and managing people in a new period of speech and culture.Part of its teaching is the teaching of speech, the application of course, the development and evaluation of the policy, the market of speech, and the use of science and technology in the teaching of speech.Its management section focuses on the training of management capabilities, resources, and resources.Another bright spot of the process is that the management is a part of the process.The program will not only meet the needs of the city for english education management personnel, but also fill in the current education program in the management of talent training in a blank.

Second, using the words: (English/English) (English introduction to MA in Applied Insins: Language Teaching (English and Chinese))

The use of speech (english/English) is a new type of teaching that can effectively identify the English-speaking people living in the English world or in different contexts.Therefore, compared with many similar courses, the relevance of the educational objects and the speech policy and the market of speech outside the teaching seditive education are the special points of the course.In view of the development of education, overseas, especially in the United States, the foreign teachers, in the deep teaching of science and technology, the teaching of the language and the teaching skills of the church in order to meet the new period of the need for cross-cultural and cultural skills of multi-talent training.Therefore, in addition to the above-mentioned knowledge and content and certain external teaching and research capabilities, the program also pays attention to the development of students to develop their field, understand the teaching education and speech policy between the relationship between the training and training of its ability to teach and self-reflect.

The requirements and application procedures for the admission of students

  1. Learning: Undergraduate studies. Science students with a certain teaching experience can also apply.
  2. English: From non-British countries or non-British countries, it is necessary to have an effective IELTS (6.5 points).The difference between the few differences or the brother to add the summer vacation four weeks of short-term English school training classes.

Applicants can talk to the Admissions Office of the University of Richmond: THE APPLICANT HAS TO GO THROUGH THE FACE OF THE PERSON (WHICH CAN BE VIA SKYPE OR WECHAT).The tour is currently full-time, usually eleven months, starting in early September of the first year and ending at the end of July of the following year.

Learning: 12,000.

Cheng: Professor Yu Sheng (

University of Richmond

The University of Richmond, the American International University of London, was originally named the University of the United States Chinese. Founded in 1972, it is a established, non-profit international university that emphasizes humanities as the foundation of education.The former school was founded in 1843 as the College of Science and Education, and was one of the colleges of the University of London until the founding of the University of London. The University of Richmond has two schools, all located in the most popular areas of London: Richmond-upon-Thames, also the source of the original school name, and Kensington. The school is mainly home to undergraduate students for one or two years, while senior students and graduate students are usually enrolled in the University of Kansas in downtown London.

The University of Richmond was also the united States and the United Kingdom at the same time. The University provides american education in the United Kingdom, giving students a comprehensive and developing experience to challenge the world. As a U.S. university, the University of Montana is one of six institutions that the U.S. Department of Education has available, the National College slot (MSCHE). It is also home to four of the eight famous Ivy League universities in the United States, namely the University of Columbia, The University of Connecticut, the University of Wisconsin and the University of Princes. The University of Richmond is a state-run higher education program approved by the British Commission for Education and Higher Education, and its program is also available to the Queen's Government's Department of New and Skills. The University of Richmond will soon be awarded the Award of the University of England, which is the only university in the United Kingdom that can grant the United States and the United Kingdom a place at the same time.

Since the establishment of the school, the University of Richmond has been dedicated to international education, and its students and faculty have come from more than 140 countries around the world, including China. The school and the Chinese country have a long period of close cooperation, as early as the 1980s and the Beijing Academy of Theword of The Word (now Beijing Yiyan University) to cooperate in the teaching and training. The school also undertook the high-end Chinese talentprogram and other training programs established by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown during the year. The University of Richmond was one of the first British university to receive the Sino-British Government's mutual study. It is one of the first British university in the Chinese and British Ministry of Education to make the exchange of university names (the former Ministry of Education education foreign-related management HTTP:// The school began its development in 2013 and has been working with China to promote its national education efforts.At present, the University of Montana has four faculty, a Chinese study program and two talkers. At the same time, the school also established a cooperation with students from Beijing University of Education and Jinan University. The school also sends students to the University's educational program every year. The introduction of the program and the exchange of Chinese countries will help to foster the international community of students at the University of Mongolia, and increase their interaction and mutual understanding among Chinese students to build a peaceful world.

The University of Richmond is born in more than 100 countries. The high international nature of the school makes it more than many other universities. The university's program includes the management of the various experiences and businesses included in the fields of science, media, communication, performance and performance, American studies, video, history, new, political, psychological, and experience, financial, and development already available. The University of Richmond also has one or two undergraduate international slots to manage the business program. The University of Richmond also offers graduate programs, most of which are international. The main programs include history and culture, exhibition and management, international surprises and security, international development, international travel, international travel, and international business management, including travel and activity. In addition, the University of Richmond has a university program to provide students with the necessary skills and skills to enter higher education. The University of Richmond has a very rich experience in these fields, and is particularly prominent in English education and education.

One of the highlights of the University of Richmond is the global perspective and global thinking it holds. Twenty-first will require a global multi-talented person of mind and ability to manage. The right-hand side of the university seat engraved on the school emblem is "Seek common ground in the middle", which is the "gentleman and different" of Confucius, which can be the same work, in today's world has its important meaning. The university's program is designed to nurture talent who can do everything in the world of dance in the future.

In 2012, the University of Richmond held a school event to cover its fortyst. "This is an important milestone in the history of our university development, and the school has developed a new vision for it," said Professor Ann Arder, who was at the school's program. The school will continue to strive to realize its mission to provide international, multi-material and high-quality education and student experience, so that students have a strong ability to be based on the global experience that has not yet been established.

The University of Richmond has developed a new development program, and has provided a clear picture, mission, and objectives for the next five years. One of its main objectives is to promote the work of its international major education efforts through the cooperation and exchange between the University and China , to establish confucius institutes in their schools and to open international programs both inside and outside the school . The introduction of the program will help to foster the international community of students at the University of Mongolia, to enhance their mutual exchange and mutual understanding among Chinese students, and to build a peaceful world together.

View: Become an international university that offers high-quality undergraduate and graduate education and focuses on research products.

Mission: To see the picture through the following efforts:

  • In all the work of the school, we are committed to the spirit of international, large and medium-to-national ism;
  • To provide high-quality educational and student experience for international students;
  • Committed to high-quality cross-disciplinary research and research and exploration;
  • All faculty and students are committed to serving the community and developing enterprising citizens of the world;
  • Committed to working with local, national and international businesses to develop employment and leadership in the global economy.

School Address:

Richmond-upon-Thames, TW10 6JP, England

Tel: s44 (0) 208 332 8200 Fax: s44 (0) 20 8332 1596

Kansas School: 1 St. Alban's Grove, London, W8 5PN, England

Tel : s44 (0) 20 7368 8500 Fax: s44 (0) 20 7368 8435

School Address: HTTP://www.ri

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