American Chinese Teachers Association, Asia Pacific International Chinese Teaching Society, European Chinese Teaching Association Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Today's Chinese teaching has developed rapidly in all regions of the world.Academic research groups have also been set up in various regions for the exchange and cooperation of Chinese language teaching and Chinese language teaching research.More large-scale is the American Association of Chinese Teachers (USA), founded in the Americas in 1962, and the Asia-Pacific International Chinese Teaching Society (Asia-Pacific C), established in 2009 in the Asia Pacific region. onsortium of Teaching Chinese as an International Language, the European Association for Chinese Language Teaching, established in Europe in 2015 ng, short for The Ohanian Society).

At present, in order to effectively integrate regional resources and coordinate related professional activities to continuously improve the level of Chinese teaching and teaching research in various regions, and promote exchanges and cooperation among academic groups in various regions, the American Chinese Teachers Association, the Asia-Pacific Association of International Chinese Teaching, and the European Association for Chinese Teaching have signed a strategic cooperation agreement.



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