A brief on Chinese teaching in France

A brief on Chinese teaching in France

A few decades ago, the French Chinese people, although few morning stars, but there are still a few favoritepeople, such as ordinary young French, like the french Ministry of Education, the Chinese Governor-General of Mr. Bai Lesan, was a college student at the time, but the mysterious Chinese characters and culture have a passion, 70's to Beijing to study, study hard Chinese, after returning home, Has been vigorously promoting Chinese culture, keen on Chinese teaching, in order to promote the development of Chinese teaching has made a great contribution.

There are also scholars who study Chinese culture and history, who are very hard and hard-working in learning Chinese and professionalism, and have been very effective.Like the famous sinologist Mrs. Pastid, the dean of the Paris Higher Normal School, Mrs. Vitien, a professor of chinese history, they can read a variety of Chinese books (including ancient Chinese literature), write papers and research reports with Chinese, and use Chinese chat and teaching, but the four voices of Chinese, foreigners are difficult to grasp, So listen to them sayChinese really too painful, they put the beautiful Chinese tone of voice so difficult to hear and run, become a true "yangyu Chinese."In France at that time, there were no Chinese courses in secondary schools, and only the Oriental Language Institute and a very small number of ordinary universities had Chinese majors and courses on Chinese history and culture.In addition, only some Chinese schools run by overseas Chinese groups teach Chinese children Chinese.So the French know no one at all about China and Chinese.

In the past two decades, China's rise and the rise of the world, the influence in the world is growing, along with all this, the French Chinese springing up rapidly, according to the plan, the annual Chinese of students in the school to 8 speed of development, from less than 5000 people 10 years ago to today has 44,000 students to learn Chinese, the situation is gratifying.This achievement is due to the Chinese teaching has been included in the French secondary school foreign language teaching, French secondary school students are required to learn two foreign languages, from the upper grade of primary school, learn a foreign language first, most of the primary school students choose English.After entering junior high school, while learning English, they begin to learn two foreign languages, and in general students are preferred in Spanish (widely used in South America except for Brazil) and German (rich in German universities, followed by Italian and Russian).Chinese is a small language, at the beginning of the country only a very small number of secondary schools to open Chinese courses, teachers are weak, very few elective students, in recent years has grown geometrically, in just a few years France has 500 primary and secondary schools with Chinese courses, in the near future Chinese teaching will cover all the teaching points in mainland France.It is more convenient to learn Chinese later, and more and more people will learn.

Why are the French now keen to learn Chinese?Wang Peiwen, a Chinese teacher who has taught for seven years, said, "The Chinese fever in France is nothing more than the result of two choices, China is strong, the Chinese market is so big, a large number of professionals are needed, now the French economy is depressed, the employment prospects are not optimistic, more than one language has a way to earn a living and means, In the future, young people can go to China to develop and look for opportunities.There are no harms in learning Chinese."It's the truth, and it's the most basic motivation for French children and parents who learn Chinese.

The second is the French's fascination with the profound Chinese history and culture.The Internet has made the world a smaller, mysterious, distant China, and touching it to understand it has become a lingering dream for a group of young French people.Guillaume, a student in the Paris Seven Chinese, took Chinese in high school, and three years down, from the obsession with square characters began to rise to love of Chinese culture, for which he took a very interesting name ma, he said, "the horse is an animal, amused on behalf of humor, I like my Chinese name too much."He went on a trip to Shanghai, found a lot of Shanghai people watching him, so he simply in his sweatshirt with Chinese written "I am French horse tease", such French humor, soon won a lot of Chinese friendship, they became a very good friend of Ma Tease, accompany him to walk the streets, to help him understand the history and status of Chinese society.The horse represents the idea of a part of the French.

Learning Chinese is not easy, difficult to go to the youth, this is the French consensus view.Chinese and French are completely different two languages, writing is very difficult, most French people write Chinese words is difficult to see, but there are exceptions, once met a Chinese french middle-aged woman, we used Chinese to start chatting, hey, she is really good, China's human history also know a lot, leave names and addresses, she called Xia Xia Meng, A good-sounding Chinese name, with her French pronunciation, is even more surprised that she wrote Chinese words so beautiful, can not believe that this is from a pure-bred French hand.The French learn Chinese the most difficult to grasp is the amount of words, a large number of words make them dizzy, they simply can not figure out what nouns must use before the amount of words, the result often make a joke, the son sometimes turn edg-up, watching him a proper lycsing words, can only laugh.The most funny thing is to meet a strange thing, there is a French person to see me is Chinese to chat with me, although she did not have a good grasp of the four, but also can understand what she said is the son ugly.Six months later, I met her again and found it difficult to talk, and she saidChinese I was in the clouds, i had no idea what she was talking about.My heart is very wondering, is her Chinese regressed?Or don't you learn?After Bibi painting plus speculation, she changed Chinese teachers, is teaching her is a Wenzhou Chinese, the Chinese is speaking Mandarin with a local accent, no wonder she teaches students to speak chinese.Therefore, the word is round and teaching experience is the most important capital and condition of Chinese teachers.

Teachers teaching Chinese in French secondary schools and universities are generally Chinese, and many Chinese teachers have obtained their diplomas through the rigorous French Chinese teacher qualification examination, and they have a high level of teaching and experience.In order to cultivate the interest and enthusiasm of French students to learn Chinese, and to help students improve their Chinese as soon as possible, Chinese teachers are working hard to find ways to teach image.Friend Min graduated from the Shanghai Academy of Drama, in France and got a doctorate, now in the middle school to teach Chinese, she is a very creative teacher, with drama in the Chinese teaching, the voice and deep depth, greatly inspired the enthusiasm of students to learn Chinese, loved by students, many students from now on really like Chinese culture and art.

Learning Chinese is only the beginning, many French people in the master of the Chinese on the basis of the hope to a higher level, in-depth understanding of China's culture and art and history, overseas Confucius Institutes are born in the background of Chinese heat, convenient for Westerners to systematically learn the profound Chinese culture.


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