Seminar on the Special Study of Teaching Of Native Chinese Teachers in Europe

European Association for Chinese Language Teaching – French Chinese Teaching Association – Seven Confucius Institutes in Paris


Seminar on the Special Study of Teaching Of Native Chinese Teachers in Europe

New Trend and Prospect of Chinese Teaching

30 June 2018 – 1 July 2018 Montargis, France

        The European Association for Chinese Teaching, in conjunction with the French Association for Chinese Language Teaching and the Seven Confucius Institutes in Paris, will again hold a seminar on the topic of the european Chinese language teaching on the theme of "New Trends and Prospects for Chinese Language Teaching" from 30 June to 1 July 2018 at the Forest Middle School in Mondalgi, France.The workshop uses Chinese as the working language. The main entries are for members of the listed OHAN institutions or individuals, and the registration deadline is 23 hours on 5 May.Registration methods are always online directly, please follow the link below to enter the registration form:
        The object of this seminar is still mainly oHann members (in addition to the individual members of the OHAN Association, if the applicant is a member of the European Association of Chinese Language Teaching, i.e. automatically become a member of the European Association of Chinese Languages), but also welcome non-European Han association members to participate at their own expense.Due to the limited number of places, the admission is based on the order of registration and the representativeness of the country.
Seminars are held from June 30 to July 1 (ending around 4 p.m.).Seminars and accommodation for OHAN members are jointly covered by the French Chinese Teaching Association, the Seven Confucius Institutes in Paris and the European Association for Chinese Language Teaching, and the seminar will also provide partial meal allowance (non-cash) and personal travel expenses.Accommodation for two nights on 29 and 30 June for two or four people in a dormitory (no single rooms).The registration fee for non-Euhan members is EUR 150 (including two nights of accommodation with the same conditions and partial meal allowance).The post-conference seminar will provide a day (2 July) tour (the world's natural and cultural heritage) with free bus transportation.All participants are welcome to sign up, and other fees (e.g. night stay and tour tickets, etc.) are at the participant's expense.
The French Association of Chinese Teachers has been organizing seminars on further training for teachers from all over France since 2011 and is held in the city of Mondalgi, 100 km south of Paris.Here the beautiful scenery is called the water city of Gattinay, as well as the Chinese residual law work and thrift movement memorial and memorial scenic spot visit line, China's modern history and the history of the Communist Party of China many pioneers have lived and studied here.
The first part of the workshop relates to the country studies and competency standards of the OHAN Society.The second part combines the reform of middle school teaching in France to look at the chinese teaching problem, involving the attempt of the classroom.The third part mainly discusses the trend of the future development of Chinese education and the new requirements put forward by teachers.

Seminar schedule

Contact and traffic information
Contact Wang Peiwen: mobile phone: mobile 33614609316 WeChat faguowangpeiwen
Seminar Address: Lyc?e en For?t 45 Avenue Louis Maurice Chautemps 45200 Montargis France
Here's how to get to Mondalgi:
Train – there are two train stations from Paris to mondalage
1) Paris Gare de Lyon runs an HOURly RER-R train and arrives in an hour and a half (
2) Paris Bercy trains only six times a day and arrives in one hour (
Self-driving to Mondalgi
1) From Paris A6-A77 high-speed exit Dordives N7 into Montargis along the sign lec?e en For?t
2) From Italy-Lyon A6-A19 high-speed Montargis Nord exit along the sign leite Lyc?e en For?t
3) From Spain-Bordeaux A10-A19 high-speed Montargis Nord exit along the sign leite Lyc?e en For?t
4) High-speed Montargis Centre exit from South Central and South France along the signle Lyc?e en For?t
GPS: 48' 00' 17" Nord 2' 46' 15" Est / 48.004797, 2.770872

Lecture topic and introduction to the keynote speaker of the seminar on Chinese language teaching

Is Chinese teaching and mission teaching compati
Speaker: Professor Joel (Chinese Bai Lesan), world-renowned Chinese language educator, professor of the School of Oriental Language and Culture in Paris, president of the European Association of Chinese Language saughts, former Governor of Chinese language of the French Ministry of National Education.The works are very rich, and the ideas of "Chinese Character Enlightenment" and the Chinese character threshold put forward by the host many years ago have had a great impact on the teaching and development of Chinese in France and abroad.  

European Chinese Standards and International Chinese Language Competence
Speaker: Dr. Zhang Xinsheng is a professor of Chinese at the University of British Science and Enlightenment and director of the Center for Modern Languages.Honorary Member of the Chartered Association of Linguists and Vice President of the European Association of Chinese Language Teaching.He has served as Dean of Confucius Institute in London, Director of the Language Centre of the Asian-African College of the University of London, Head of the European Union Chinese Proficiency Standards Program and President of the Chinese Teachers Association of British Universities.Having been engaged in Chinese language teaching and teacher training in the UK for many years, personal research and published papers on Chinese teaching materials, literature, language policy, Chinese language proficiency standards and tests, English-Chinese acquisition and teaching, and cross-cultural communication.

Chinese teaching under the prospect of the reform of the French college entrance examination
Speaker: Yu Wenying French Chinese teaching supervisor.For nearly 20 years, he has been engaged in teaching Chinese and supervising Chinese teaching in primary and secondary schools, put forward personal thoughts and opinions on the achievements and shortcomings of Chinese teaching in French primary and secondary schools, and discussed the new issues and challenges that Chinese teaching may encounter under the prospect of French high school graduation examination.

Digital Teaching Technology: The Use and Sharing of Online Chinese Platform based on Moodle
Presenter: Jean Columeau (Chinese Li Tianxiang), Chinese teacher at Jean Moulin High School, France.In recent years, Mr. Li has been committed to the development of online teaching.Since 2013, he has used the Moodle platform and, with his technical support, has created the French version of the website Chinese and cultural presentation website ( is comprehensive.In order to further promote the development of Chinese education, preparations are being made for the English-language website .

Psychological and Cultural Barriers in the Process of Chinese Learning
Speaker: Zhou Minkang, Professor, School of Translation and East Asian Studies, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.Engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language for nearly 30 years, mainly studies the teaching of Chinese and teacher literacy in the country.The monographs and papers published are quite rich.Director of the Centre for East Asian Studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Executive Director and Secretary-General of the European Association for Chinese Language Teaching.

OHAN Secretariat
April 3, 2018

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