The European Chinese Teaching Association and the Confucius Institute at the University of Cork jointly organized the 2017 Irish Chinese Teacher Training

On September 24th, the Confucius Institute of Cork University and the European Chinese Teaching Association jointly organized the training of Irish Chinese teachers, which is the second time this year that the Association of European-Chinese Teachers has participated in on-the-job training activities for Chinese teachers in France, following the French Chinese Teachers Association's study of Chinese teachers in France at the end of June and the beginning of July.The Vice President of the European Association for Chinese Language Teaching, Professor Zhang Xin, London University of Science and Technology, member of the European Association of Chinese Language Teaching, Dr. Li Mingfang of Regent's University, London, and Dr. Zhang Wei of Dublin City University, and Dr. Wang Bing, senior editor of Academic Research, were invited to give lectures.The event was supported by Xia Yongbin, the Chinese president of the Confucius Institute and the Confucius Institute at Cork University, and Mr. Xu Xiaohong, the new Chinese dean.More than 50 Chinese teachers from Cork University, Chinese teachers, volunteer teachers and master's students in Chinese second language teaching at Cork University participated in the seminar.

Dr. Li Mingfang of Regent's University in London first gave a lecture on the theme of "Vocabulary Teaching in Chinese Teaching".Starting from the importance of vocabulary teaching, Mr. Li discusses the effective methods of Chinese vocabulary teaching from the theoretical and practical aspects from the perspectives of Chinese vocabulary characteristics, vocabulary teaching and learning, vocabulary teaching difficulties and coping strategies, and specific teaching methods.The lecture ended with in-depth exchanges and discussions with on-site teachers on the practical problems encountered in teaching.

Then Zhang Xinsheng, a professor at the University of London's School of Science, gave a keynote lecture entitled "Teaching Chinese in Primary and Secondary Schools in <欧洲汉语能力标准>Ireland". </欧洲汉语能力标准>After a brief introduction to the European Common Reference Framework for Languages and its role and the production process of the European Standard of Chinese Competence (EBCL), Professor Zhang went from over-discussing teaching standards to the current situation and challenges of Chinese teaching in primary and secondary schools in Ireland.He fully affirmed the teaching of Chinese in Ireland and the achievements made in the past ten years under the promotion of Confucius Institute.He also pointed out that the development of Chinese teaching in primary and secondary schools has been limited because the government does not have a clear Chinese language teaching curriculum and standards, and the teaching hours in primary and secondary schools are limited.But the Irish government recently announced that Chinese will be one of the subjects in the foreign language exam for the college entrance examination in 2022.This is the result of ten years of efforts by relevant institutions and personnel, which will certainly promote the further development of Chinese language teaching in Ireland.

In the afternoon, Dr. Zhang Wei of Dublin City University and Dr. Wang Bing, Senior Editor of Academic Research, brought two keynote lectures on the topic of Chinese language learners in English-speaking language situ to Chinese character recognition and the topic trend of international Chinese education from the editor-in-chief's point of view.From the two modes of Chinese character recognition- the overall processing mode and the analytical processing mode, Mr. Zhang explained several important studies on Chinese character recognition.The experimental results show that the upper and lower structure of chinese character structure, the transparency of the head, especially the voice side, and the visual complexity of Chinese characters play a key role in the correct recognition of Chinese characters.Then, Mr. Wang Bing analyzed the papers published in the Chinese International Education Section in the past ten years in The Journal of Academic Research, and discussed the trend of Chinese international education from the perspective of their concern and the research methods used.

Lectures and seminars at this event are both theoretical and practical. As a representative of the Ouhan Society, Professor Zhang Xinsheng said that the on-the-job training and improvement of Chinese teachers is one of the main work contents of the Ouhan Society in recent years. In the future, OHAN will continue to work with relevant institutions and organizations to actively participate in the on-the-job development and further education activities of Chinese teachers.

The next day, Professor Zhang also represented the European Association of Chinese Language Teaching at the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Establishment of the Confucius Institute in Cork.

(OHAN Secretariat, released On October 25, 2017)


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