Zhang Xin, Vice President of the European Association for Chinese Teaching, participated in the training activities of Chinese teachers at the Confucius Institute of the University of Leipzig

At the invitation of the Confucius Institute of the University of Leipzig, Germany, Dr. Zhang Xinsheng, Vice President of the European Association of Chinese Language Teaching and Professor of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the United Kingdom, gave two lectures entitled "European Chinese Proficiency Standards" and "European Native Chinese Teaching Materials" at the European Chinese Language Teacher Training Organized by the Institute on April 13 and 14.

The training consists of lectures and workshops.In addition to Professor Zhang, Professor Fu, from the Chinese Cooperative College of Leipzig Kong, professorChinese Fu, from the Chinese Cooperative Institute of Leipzig, and Ms. Yang Zizi, founder of The Chinese Language Education Technology in Beijing, also gave wonderful lectures and presentations on topics such as "Chinese classroom teaching methods and techniques" and "Educational technology: how to design and produce interactive Chinese teaching courseware".     The workshop section includes chinese teaching courseware, German Chinese teaching, local Chinese teaching material development, Chinese proficiency standards, drama Chinese teaching and other nearly ten topics, which provide a useful platform for the exchange of local Chinese teaching experience in Germany.

During the training, Professor Zhang also introduced the European Association for Chinese Language Teaching (OHAN) and the European Native Chinese Teachertraining Class, jointly organized by the Ouhan Society, the French Chinese Teachers Association and the Seven Confucius Institutes in Paris, in the French city of Mondalgi, at the end of June this year, and welcomed all of you to attend.

The training was also part of the Leipzig Kong Academy's celebration of its 10th anniversary, and to this end, the event was also open to Chinese teachers from other European countries, attracting more than 70 different Confucius and local Chinese teachers and practitioners from belgium, France and Poland outside Germany, a significant increase over the previous year.

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