Italian-Italian school "Parkitos Book House" Unveiled

Recently, Italian-Italian schools held a "Parkitobook House" unveiling ceremony, and officially opened to the public.Li Fan, Director of the Consular Department of the Chinese Embassy in Rome, Italy, attended the ceremony and unveiled the "Parkiyuan Book House".

According to reports, the Chinese-Italian school "Parkihui Book House" is in Wenzhou City, the Office of Foreign Affairs donated to build the "overseas Chinese school dandelion library" on the basis of the construction.At the 15th anniversary ceremony held at the Sino-Italian School in December last year, Li Fan advocated that the overseas Chinese community create a "Parkway Book House" for chinese and Italian schools to donate books and cabinets, opening a reading window for young people in Naples.

The initiative issued in a few short days, attracted the attention of many overseas Chinese groups and warm-hearted people, Naples Southern Trade Association, Naples Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Italian Campania Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Naples Tang people mall and other 4 overseas Chinese groups and Xu Jian, Lin Guorong, Jia Guolin and other 22 caring people, one after another for the Italian-Italian school "Parkihui Book House" 7,950 books were donated.A wide range of books, including standard books, extracurricular books, popular science, drawing stories, history, literature, foreign languages and other books.The school also specially purchased scanners, laser printers, suitable for young people to read the use of tables and stools and other equipment, and the realization of the library computer management.After more than half a year of preparation, "Parkitos Book House" finally put into use.

The name "Parkiyuan Book House" has a far-reaching mood.Fu Wenwu, the principal of the Italian-Italian school, expounded the implication of "Parkiyuan": the power of the hundred families, hundreds of grass houses, is to let the "Parkihui Book House" such as Haina Baichuan, to absorb and gather more young readers, to become the children's common spiritual home."'Parkway Book House' from today will officially open to the Naples area of young people free of charge, to our next generation of Chinese to pass the fragrance and warmth, so that the seeds of Chinese culture in the land of Italy to take root.Fu Wenwu said.

It is understood that the Italian-Italian school located in campania was founded in 2000 by Zheng Yuming, a Native Chinese.The school was founded not only to provide a way for Chinese immigrants in campania to learn Chinese and Italian, but also to provide them with the opportunity to learn about Italian culture.For more than a decade, the school has actively organized students to participate in various Chinese cultural festivals, film festivals and other activities held in Italy, participated in the interview of Italian television RAI 1, volcanic exercises, the financial operation of the Bank of Italy and other activities, so that they accelerate the pace of integration into Italian society.In early June, the school opened the Napori campus to meet the needs of different groups.

OHAN Secretariat

December 30, 2016

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