Announcement on the contributions of the 2nd International Symposium of the OHAN Society

All of you who are interested in this year's European Union, contributors:

The drafting activities of the current session of the General Assembly have so far been closed.The jury is carefully reviewing the manuscripts for your participation.I believe that in the near future will give you a final answer.We also look forward to paying close attention to the organizers of this conference, the University of Dublin Confucius Institute website related information, so that you can be clear: how to register for this international seminar, the conference related to accommodation and transportation issues, and how to pay and other information.If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us directly.

If you are still interested in contributing, you can still fill out this form and try to contribute.Upon receipt of your summary, the General Assembly Jury will consider whether your deferred contribution is valid at its discretion.

In addition, we once again to the Association mailbox a period of time before the technical failure for your participation in the inconvenience, sincerely apologize, and I wish you can pass the audit smoothly, April together, Dublin!

Finally, I wish this conference a successful meeting!

Ohan's Assistant