Confucius Institute in London holds high-end Chinese character teaching forum in Europe

Many Europeans think that Chinese is very difficult to learn, chinese characters are even more difficult.Therefore, how to learn Chinese characters has always been a hot topic in the European linguistics and Chinese teaching circles, and it is also a special concern for ordinary Chinese learners.

On April 12, 2016, the High-end European "Chinese Character Teaching Forum" organized by the Institute of Asian and African Studies of the University of London and the China Institute of the University of London was held at the Asian-African Institute of the University of London, inviting Professor Prof. Jo?l Bellassen, President of the German-speaking Chinese Teaching Association, Dr. Anda Gu (PhD. Andreas Guder, as well as Chinese teaching experts from eightChinese universities in the UK, including Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh, and more than 50 representatives from nine Confucius Institutes in the UK, Ireland, Hungary and Korea, have discussed the teaching methods of Chinese characters.

Foreign Dean Luz Martin (Prof. Lutz Marten, representing the Confucius Institute in London, welcomed guests and scholars to the conference.He said it was a great honour to invite so many important scholars to the conference, which is the oldest teaching base in the UK Chinese, and it is of far-reaching historical significance to hold this conference.Especially at present, Chinese teaching is booming in the UK, and this conference bodes well for the study of Chinese teaching in the UK and Europe.

Professor Bai Lesan, as the keynote speaker of this meeting, first made a wonderful speech entitled "Too Early Words: Chinese Teaching as the Second Writing System".From the point of view of word-based, according to the economic principles of language learning, he put forward that Chinese characters are unique in Chinese, and that the recognition and writing of Chinese characters should be distinguished from the communication of spoken Language to a certain extent, and to be carried out separately, which is more beneficial to European learners.

Later, Dr. Gu Anda gave a lecture on "Some Reflections on the Cognitive Level of Chinese Characters".Dr. Lianyi Song, of the Department of Chinese of the Asian-African College of the University of London, has made a deep introduction to the Chinese character teaching tradition of The Asian-African Academy, and the senior lecturer Xuan Li introduced the "Chinese character teaching in the British University and Secondary School" and the study of traditional characters by students of the Chinese department.Dr. Yan Xi of the Open University of the United Kingdom discussed with the participants on "Remote Practice and Teacher-Student Attitudes in Chinese Character Teaching" and "Exploration and Analysis of The Electronic Teaching of Chinese Characters by Non-Native Learners" by Dr. Li Wei from Dublin University in Ireland.

Their presentations aroused strong interest among the participants and were warmly discussed on the basis of practical teaching experience.In addition, the meeting also discussed in depth the problems that have long plagued Chinese character teaching, such as the requirements of Different Learning Levels in European countries, the impact and opportunities of e-learning on Chinese character teaching, when Chinese character learners need to write Chinese characters, and the lack of writing training and the evaluation of the impact on Chinese learners.

Finally, the Chinese President of the Confucius Institute in London, Li Wei, once again thanked all the participants for their wonderful statements.She said that the Confucius Institute in London is the first Confucius Institute established in the UK, the University of London Asia and Africa Is also a long-standing University of European Chinese language teaching, with the help of the University of London's Asian-African Institute, the Confucius Institute in London through years of local Chinese teacher training and other activities, committed to promoting the teaching of local Chinese in the United Kingdom.The conference hopes to have a deeper exchange with sinologists on the European continent and take relevant academic research to a new level.

Professor Bai Lesan highly recognizes the positive role played by confucius institutes in the international promotion of Chinese and is willing to use this platform to push Chinese language teaching and Chinese language research in Europe to new heights.

OHAN Secretariat

December 30, 2016

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