Meetings and training

Notice of the 2019 Annual Meeting and Seminar of the French Association for Chinese Teaching (Association fran?aise des professeseurs de chinois)

Essay Notice (Notice No. 1): New Theory, New Method, New Problem, New Countermeasure of Chinese International Education the 17th International Chinese Teaching Seminar of Universities and the Annual Meeting of the British Chinese Teaching Research Association 2019

NEW!! Drafts for the 21st Chinese Teaching Seminar of the Chinese Teaching Association in the German-speaking Region

NEW!! First Experimental Seminar on Study of associazione Nazionale Insegnanti di Cinese, ANIC

2018 European Association of Chinese Language Teaching "Regional and International Construction of Chinese Second Language Teaching Discipline" Second International Seminar No. 1 Essay Notice

2018 International Conference on Cross-Cultural Communication of Chinese in Europe 2nd Call for Papers International Conference on Chinese Cross-Cultural In Europe 2 018