Join us

The European Association of Chinese Language Teaching invites aspiring people to join our association!

Thank you for you interest and welcome to your membership in the European Association of Chinese Tin (EACT)!

Merci de votre int?r?t et vous s-tes bienvenu de devenir adh?rent l'Association europ?enne de l'enseent du chinois () AEEC) !

First, membership conditions:

  1. (a) Expats with citizenship or legal residence permits from a European country, members of the community who are engaged in teaching Chinese, who are enthusiastic and actively support ingress in the work of the Association;
  2. Recognizing the Articles of Association of this Council, you may apply to join the Association and become a member.

Second, the rights of members:

  1. Have the right to participate in academic and training activities organized by the Association, as well as other related activities;
  2. Have access to the association's services and access to the Association's editing and publication of academic materials priority;
  3. There are critical recommendations and supervision powers for the construction of associations;
  4. Have the right to join voluntarily and withdraw freely.

Third, the obligations of members:

  1. Implementation of the resolutions of the Association;
  2. to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the Association;
  3. Complete the work assigned by the Association.

4. Withdrawal: If a member does not pay his dues for two years or if he or she does not pay by the Association, he or she will not be deemed to be automatically withdrawn.Members who violate national laws and commit serious violations of this Constitution shall be delisted by the study of this Association.

Membership procedure:

Complete the application form for registration of OHAN members and be approved by the Association.